Life at Phoenix Foundation


All 25 of our bedrooms have a double bed (bedding provided), storage for clothing, T.V, curtains, blinds and either gas central heating or an electric heater. Residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms, and all cleaning materials are provided.


Residents are all offered a programme of activities, to include social, holistic, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and psychoeducational. All activities will be meaningful to the individual, and are identified through a development plan that is designed and followed with the support of a key worker.  

Take a look around

We believe that everyone should live in a place they are proud to call home, and we’re very proud of this home of ours! Below are some images to give you an idea of what life at Phoenix Foundation looks like!

Bathroom 2
"The rooms are very pleasant, hotel style! I enjoyed my stay here, I found it interesting and would like to thank the staff and other residents for taking care of me, supporting me, and welcoming me into their foundation."
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Former Phoenix Foundation resident