Santaz Run the Streetz

They’ve only been running together since September, but on Sunday 5th December, members of the new Run the Streetz running group will be donning their santa suits to join 1000s of others in the Liverpool Santa Dash.

The group, who currently Run the Streetz around the Tuebrook area of the city, was set up to encourage a healthier, active lifestyle for anyone who might not feel safe running alone in the dark winter nights.

The mental health benefits of running are a strong motivator for the group.

Aerobic exercise such as running is proven to improve mental health, as it triggers the release of endorphins, which make us feel good,  while simultaneously reducing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which can make us feel anxious.  

Other benefits include increased appetite, leading to healthier food choices, better sleep, and improved confidence. It also brings a purpose or goal to work towards when training to increase distance, set a Personal Best, or perhaps support a cause you care for in the process.

Phoenix Foundation Support Worker, Sarah, has been running with the group for around 8 weeks. ‘I can run the whole 5K now. Slowly – but without stopping! Six weeks ago I struggled running 10 metres for the bus!’

The group decided to fundraise for Phoenix Foundation in the Santa Dash after hearing from Sarah about the work the charity does to help men experiencing homelessness rebuild their lives. ‘The support we provide to our residents includes making healthier choices regarding lifestyle and diet, building friendships, mental health support, and goal setting for the future. That’s what running and Run the Streetz is all about , so it made sense to support Phoenix Foundation in our first official ‘race’.’

The Liverpool Santa Dash is considered to be the official start to Christmas for runners across the city, and has held the Guinness World Record for ‘biggest Santa Dash in the world’ several times. It’s also the only Santa Dash where you’ll see blue Santas running alongside the more traditional red!

You can sponsor Run the Streetz at their JustGiving page here:

Social interaction is vital for our well-being, especially in these isolated times, and Run the Streetz are keen to welcome new members to join them for their weekday runs. To find out more drop us an email and we’ll introduce you!