A poem

Today is National Poetry Day, and one of our support workers has very kindly shared this beautiful poem, written at the start of their own recovery journey eight years ago.

We are so fortunate to have people on team willing to share their own lived experiences with our residents, and us all.

Truly an inspiration x

“The road I was walking was leading nowhere

Full of darkness and loath, bitterness and despair,

Couldn’t see clearly, the truth or the light

Often waking up in torture but thinking I was right,

The guilt, the blame, the loneliness and shame,

Just another one will do to relieve the pain,

It never worked, often got worse,

Rooting for more money but with an empty purse,

One day I asked why is this me, got on my knees and started to plea,

I looked in the mirror eyes full of dark,

I seen that somewhere I’d crossed the mark,

Reached out for help to whom ever would listen

And all of a sudden my heart did glisten,

Put in the work it will be worth it in the end, the road to recovery can truly mend,

I started the journey, lost and shy, but knew for the drink it was bye bye.

With little steps my mind started to awake to the life I’d been leading and all it did take,

The sun started shining the flowers started rhyming,

My heart started to lift and open to the gift,

recovery is free, true and pure, what struck me is life starts giving you more.

Freedom from darkness, remorse and blame, I know what I choose to play this game.”