About Phoenix Foundation

Phoenix Foundation is a unique, independent charity, committed to eradicating homelessness in Liverpool. 

Our men-only residence contains 25 private rooms. We complete a full assessment of our residents’ needs, in order to develop and support them on their own individual pathways towards independence. Our residents want to transform their lives, and we will work with them until they are able to leave the foundation to lead an independent life, clean of any addiction, and ready to take on employment and live in their own property. 

Our services are delivered by a dedicated team of skilled support workers, as well as external volunteers whose support is invaluable in assisting us to provide an excellent service. 

What makes us unique?

Phoenix Foundation isn’t just a building. It’s a home, and a community.  On coming to live with us, our residents all commit to rebuilding their lives. They embark on their own tailor-made pathway based on seven positive pillars, with the support of their own key worker, and their neighbours and friends.

Seven Positive Pillars

Our ‘Seven Positive Pillars’ programme was designed to support the needs of the most vulnerable, and delivers a fully supported pathway to rehabilitation and independence.

  • Assess
  • Advise
  • Rehabilitate
  • Train
  • Employ
  • House
  • Empower

Our impact

Phoenix Foundation was established in July 2020, during the covid-19 pandemic, a challenging time for everyone. We’ve achieved a lot in that very short time. We’re proud to be able to share our impact report for 2020/21 with you below.

"I really enjoyed my stay at Phoenix, the staff are very helpful and supportive, I especially enjoyed my keyworker sessions, they really do work, it is reassuring to know that you have staff to talk to, especially when you have loads on your chest."
Former Phoenix Foundation Resident